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2019 Mandatory Training

Haunt Builder: Apprentice and Journeyman Openings

Sign-ups for Haunt Builder construction classes open on January 13th. Earn your Haunt Builder certification while learning great trade skills you can use for the rest of your life. You must earn at least a Haunt Builder Apprentice certification to build at a US Haunted attraction; this is how you begin.

Scare School

Sign-ups for US Haunted's 2019 Spring Scare School will begin on April 13th. Openings are limited so mark your calendar and be ready. Here's your chance to become one of our elite actors! Watch this page for sign-up dates and locations.

Hangman's Hollow Location Search Narrows to Three Sites

We've narrowed the search for the location of our new attraction Hangman's Hollow to three sites, with a decision expected in six to eight weeks. Each of the sites is amazing and we're exicited about the possibilities they offer!
Hangman's Hollow will be a full-scale classic-themed haunted attraction unlike any other before it, utilizing new concepts in audience interaction and immersive spectacle. But don't fret, it will still be family-friendly -- for very brave families!

Tri-Lakes Pumpkin Patch a Huge Success!

Tri-Lakes Pumpkin Patch is US Haunted's second foray into attractions for the very young (the first being WMMI's Harvest Festival). Built from the ground up on an extremely tight budget, this small family-friendly attraction is a huge success! It earned a perfect 5 star rating on both Google and Facebook from our thousands of guests! We look forward to expanding this attraction over the coming years.

Tri-Lakes Pumpkin Patch is a unique interaction for children to hear stories from long ago, gather around a campfire, enjoy a scavenger hunt, challenge mazes to find your way out, relax on the hay ride, play fun games, and pick your very special pumpkin to take home with you.   An affordable and enjoyable experience for families seeking adventure, set in the foothills of Mt. Herman near Monument, Colorado.   A breathtaking view and a short distance away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Tri-Lakes Pumpkin Patch -- Where Imagination is Everything!

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Future Attractions

Several productions are in the pipeline:

Notable Prior Attractions

  • Haunted Mines -- From conception in 2006 until 2015
  • Ghoul's Gulch -- From conception until 2006, then thru 2016
  • Dread Manor -- 2005
  • The Inferno -- 2003
  • Monument Manor -- 2002
  • Old Castle London -- 2001

About US Haunted

US Haunted is a small family-run Colorado haunted attraction company, operating since 1994 in the Colorado Springs market. We design, build, and operate professional haunted houses, scare parks, and autumn-themed events that are thrilling and fun for our guests. We offer experiences for the whole family, from the wee little ones to the die-hard terror junkie. All our attractions are family-friendly, considered “PG-13” or milder, with a focus on classic-literature or historic-based themes. Our attractions benefit local charities that provide math & science education, preserve local history, or are food banks, animal rescues, or emergency responders. We are located in the northern Colorado Springs/Monument area.


US Haunted’s three-prong mission is to provide a safe and fun Halloween event for our community’s enjoyment, to raise money for local charities, and to teach our volunteers valuable trade skills that they put to use at our events and carry with them into their adult lives.

Contact Us

US Haunted, 4700 Turner Road, Monument, Colorado 80132

Phone: +1 719 800-twelve-fourty-four

Email: info(at)USHaunted.com